Meatless Monday: Italian Flatbread

As I mentioned last week, I’m doing an Around the World “Flatbread Fiesta” series about flatbreads because I’m doing a book study class this month on Monday evenings and don’t have a lot of time to be cooking. However, I’m still trying to use seasonal ingredients and, of course, stay vegetarian.

So this week we had Italian Flatbread. After the dough, the bottom layer was ricotta that I made from Maple View Farms milk (that I bought at the Cary Downtown Farmers Market from Queen B Farms). Then I made a pesto sauce from the wonderful bundles of basil from Parker Farms, along with some Thai basic from Sapony Creek Farms. I blended it with some beautiful big cloves of garlic from Parker Farms and some grated Parmesan cheese (unfortunately not available locally). Pesto usually includes pine nuts, but I’m allergic to that, so I just used more garlic (one of the advantages of sheltering at home is that if we all eat a lot of garlic, we’re not going to offend each other, right?)

So ricotta, then pesto. Then I topped it off with some cherry tomatoes from LB Farm. I added some commercial red pepper flakes, although I’m hoping to make some of my own once some of my hot peppers dry.

The bottom line was a delicious, pretty healthy, and mostly local organicish meal that didn’t take a whole lot of time so I could feed my family and get to online class on time.

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