Farmers Market Spring Opening

One of my other favorite Spring holidays is the Spring Opening Day for the Farmers Market! While we are fortunate that a few key vendors at the Cary Downtown Farmers Marke continue to come every Saturday morning year-round, the official season is the first Saturday in April through the last Saturday before Thanksgiving in November. So while I’ve been able to buy some winter vegetables (mostly greens), some greenhouse vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, etc.), and meat and cheese and eggs and milk over the winter, I’m so excited when opening day comes around and we have double or triple the number of vendors.

I was so busy buying and catching up with farmers and other friends that I forgot to take many pictures. The one above is Parker Farm, which is my major year-round food source. Here are a few other lovely offerings from some of the other vendors on Saturday.

Here is a selection of some of the beautiful produce I bought:

And here are some of my non-vegetable food purchases:

A new vendor this year showed up with the most incredible-looking croissants. The one on the left is chocolate; the one on the right is strawberry-passion fruit. And to give you a better perspective of their size:

So, yes, they are literally the size of my hand. Won’t these make a lovely Easter breakfast?

It’s still early in the growing cycle here, so there will be more and more variety in months to come.

So if you live around Cary, I recommend you visit the Cary Downtown Farmers Market and get some of this fresh-off-the-fields, organic-ish (most small farmers can’t afford all the overhead to be officially certified, but certainly most of our vendors follow organic farming practices), local food and other goods. And if you aren’t search out the Farmers Markets in your own area.

You’ll be glad you did.

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